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Brandwacht & Meijer / Hans Boodt

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Overview of the project
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Genesis has proudly collaborated with Hans Boodt to realize a remarkable project that redefines the future of mannequins and showroom floors. This groundbreaking project, showcased at a prestigious trade fair in Düsseldorf, is the result of our shared commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.

Hans Boodt: The Art of Mannequins

Hans Boodt is known for his unparalleled craftsmanship and the production of mannequins of the highest quality with a unique appearance. The project for the Düsseldorf fair offered Hans Boodt the opportunity to present his groundbreaking designs and demonstrate his expertise in the industry.

Innovative Materials for 3D productions

Hans Boodt has always pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation. For this project he used innovative materials that create a stunning 3D impact, making the mannequins seem to come to life. The result is an exhibition that exceeds expectations and captures the attention of visitors.

The Showroom

The project for the Düsseldorf fair served as a showcase for Hans Boodt’s latest creations and Genesis’ expertise in flooring solutions. The showroom is a visual spectacle that provides the perfect setting to present and admire the mannequins.

Genesis is proud to have supported Hans Boodt in realizing this visionary project. Our floors not only provide an aesthetically attractive base for the mannequins, but also a sustainable and functional solution that brings the showroom to life.

This project is a celebration of creativity, innovation and sustainability in the world of mannequins and flooring solutions. It shows that even in an industry where aesthetics are paramount, sustainability and innovation can play a crucial role.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our work with Hans Boodt and how we can also transform your project with our high-quality flooring solutions

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