Liquid Gloss®

Liquid Gloss® is a transparent two-component resin that’s popular as a coating for furniture in hospitality and interior design. Liquid Gloss is also widely used in the art world, as a framing method for photographs and paintings.

Genesis delves into the artist or designer’s creative process, and together we can create spectacular pieces. We have been co-creating like this since 1997, which is something we’re very proud of.


Liquid Gloss® can be used on many materials. You can find an overview here, but we are always open to new products and applications. Innovation, transformation and experimentation are in our DNA!

Liquid Gloss® is the result of almost a quarter century of product development: learning by doing! Over the last few decades, we have developed our own unique formula for our high-quality epoxy, which we now use in 3 different, certified versions. All of our products which are produced fully under our control – from fine art prints and pasting to pouring – are provided with our Certified Liquid Gloss sticker. The specifications for Liquid Gloss® can be found here.

Because we continue to innovate our epoxy process and continuously test it on different materials, the possibilities are endless. We like to brainstorm with our customers to find the best solution for every project. Feel free to give us a call if you have a question or a creative idea, or if you’d like to discuss how to use Liquid Gloss a specific piece.

Color Coating

Genesis works exclusively with our own epoxy formulation: Liquid Gloss®. Liquid Gloss® has a special UV filter that guards against discoloration and meets our high standards for scratch resistance, gloss retention and ease of processing.

By adding patented color pigments to Liquid Gloss, we can create a special Color Coating. This gives wooden tabletops, tiles, photographs, but also bar tops and other furniture a unique look. Color Coating has a different, unique effect on each type of wood.


There have been many attempts to copy our Color Coating concept, all without success. Color Coating is still the secret to our success. The recipe for color pigments, Liquid Gloss® and a healthy dose of craftsmanship can only be found at Genesis.

Feel free to visit our showroom and get inspired by our previous projects.



Artists, architects and other creatives can all benefit our extensive knowledge of materials. For example, Genesis has been at the birthplace for many works of art or interior pieces. But we also develop our own concepts using unique materials.



We use Alusion to create unique walls, bar tops, tables and other interior designs. The aluminum foam is poured with Liquid Gloss, creating ‘air bubbles’. By adding elements like LED lighting, we can create brilliant color and light effects. Feel free to drop by to brainstorm about how you can incorporate Alusion into your projects!


Magiflex is a special foile, and by processing it with light and specific movements, it creates a uniquely elegant effect. The glossy film is available in 22 varieties and colors, both transparent and opaque. We often use the opaque film to cover bars or furniture. The transparent film lends itself well to use in lamps. Magiflex is available in 60-cm wide rolls and sheets. The product is used in interior design, for example for light fixtures and bar tops, but also for packaging, stickers, displays or in clothing. Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us.