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About us

Everything about Genesis

Genesis is the world’s number one epoxy specialist, but we don’t just use any two-component resin. We work exclusively with Liquid Gloss®, a high-quality epoxy made especially for Genesis with to our own unique recipe.Liquid Gloss is particularly popular in the hospitality industry and interior design, as a coating for furniture. Liquid Gloss is also widely used in the art world as a framing method for photographs and paintings.

Selected customers

Our history

Genesis was founded in 1997 by Eyal Reches, who transformed the company into an international success. At the heart of that success is our ability to continually innovate and expand our broad technological expertise around high-gloss coatings. The high quality of the material, our professional team, our creativity and versatility make us the market leader in coatings for art and interior design.

Our facilities

At Genesis, everything is designed to create exceptional pieces! To start with, we have a 300 square meter epoxy processing room. This gives us the space to create pieces that require dozens of pouring rounds. That means we can boast large production capacity. It goes without saying that our pressurized epoxy processing room is completely dust-free and exactly the right temperature for processing and drying epoxy.

Mixing epoxy resin, and certainly our unique Liquid Gloss® and Color Coating, requires a professional touch. The process starts with mechanically mixing the two components. Genesis has an ultramodern mixing machine, which already handles large part of the prep work. But epoxy is and will always be handcrafted, because even after mixing, various extra steps are required to make the product completely ready for processing.
In addition, our epoxy processing room, we also have another 400 square meter workshop for processing materials and projects. Genesis has a broad team that can work with every conceivable material. This is also where every piece is neatly packed and, if necessary, transported for worldwide delivery.

Of course, you are always welcome to take a look at our showroom, where we have an impressive amount of furniture, paintings and other objects on display that will ignite the imagination and inspire visitors.

“Of course, you are always welcome to take a look at our showroom.”


Genesis founder Eyal Reches is a well-known name in the art world, mainly for the enthusiasm and creativity he brings to his collaborations with photographers, painters, architects and other visual artists. Many of them call on Eyal and the other Genesis professionals to help them use our patented Liquid Gloss to create works of art.

Artists rely on our broad technological knowledge of high-gloss coating and our wealth of material knowledge. Together, we can experiment with shapes, colors and materials and achieve unbelievable results, in both 2D and 3D.

For artists who have their pieces processed at Genesis, it is extremely important that their work is approached with integrity.

“Together with the artists, we can experiment with shapes, colors and materials and achieve unbelievable results, in both 2D and 3D.”


Loved by many

“Liquid Gloss simply gives the most beautiful and luxurious look I could ever find.”

“They provide so much service. In addition, they do more than just Liquid Gloss. They always think along when I have a new idea, and I can always test new concepts. Sometimes Genesis is almost like a laboratory!”

At Genesis, Liquid Gloss® epoxy and craftsmanship come together in extraordinary objects

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