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Bang & Olufsen

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Overview of the project
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In 2018, Genesis and Germans Ermics joined forces to realize a breathtaking transformation in the pop-up store of Bang & Olufsen in the heart of Amsterdam. This project aimed to redefine the shopping experience and integrate the beauty of design with high-quality audio technology.

Bang & Olufsen: Iconic Audio Brands

Bang & Olufsen has been renowned for decades for its leading high-end audio equipment and timeless design. The pop-up store in Amsterdam represents one of their many innovative efforts to introduce consumers to unparalleled sound quality and aesthetics.

Genesis: Creating Liquid Gloss

One of the striking features of this project was the use of Liquid Gloss in the displays for the high-end audio equipment. Genesis applied Liquid Gloss with precision and craftsmanship to create a seamless, glossy finish that highlighted the audio equipment in the spotlight. The result was not only stunning visually but also emphasized the premium quality of the products.

Collaboration with Germans Ermics

The collaboration with Germans Ermics, a renowned designer with a passion for innovation and minimalism, was essential to perfecting the interior of the pop-up store. Germans Ermics’ unique vision, combined with Genesis’ technical expertise, resulted in a space that stimulated the senses and captured the essence of Bang & Olufsen.

An Unforgettable Shopping Experience:

The project at the Bang & Olufsen pop-up store in Amsterdam was much more than just a retail interior. It was a journey through sound and design, an experience that enchanted and inspired customers. It was a celebration of innovation, craftsmanship, and timeless aesthetics.

Genesis is proud to have been involved in this project, contributing to the creation of a space that embodies the perfect harmony between design and technology.

If you would like to learn more about our work with Bang & Olufsen, Germans Ermics, or how we can transform your project with our expertise in interior design and Liquid Gloss applications, please do not hesitate to contact us. At Genesis, Liquid Gloss® epoxy and craftsmanship come together in exceptional objects Contact us

At Genesis, Liquid Gloss® epoxy and craftsmanship come together in extraordinary objects

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