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Craftsmen Hotel

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Sustainability and Creativity Reuse and Recycling

At Genesis we are committed to sustainability and environmentally conscious design. The Craftsmen Hotel reflects these values by reusing and recycling old objects and materials. This is not only to be environmentally friendly, but also to create a unique and characterful aesthetic that will amaze guests.

Stef van der Bijl: Our Creative Director

The success of the Craftsmen Hotel in Amsterdam is partly due to the vision and leadership of our Creative Director, Stef van der Bijl. With his sharp eye for design and passion for creativity, Stef has ensured that this hotel has become a true masterpiece, where guests feel like they are in another world.

Discover The Craftsmen Hotel

Would you like to experience the magic of the Craftsmen Hotel in Amsterdam yourself? Then book your stay and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of luxury and craftsmanship. Enjoy the unique rooms, admire the recycled elements and be inspired by the creative design.

At Genesis, we are proud to have contributed to the success of the Craftsmen Hotel, and we look forward to delivering even more inspiring projects that push the boundaries of creativity and design.

At Genesis, Liquid Gloss® epoxy and craftsmanship come together in extraordinary objects

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