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Park Hyatt Austria is all about the ultimate luxury experience, and that is exactly what we have created in collaboration with FG Styling and Craft International. In this remarkable project we have enriched each room with a unique feature: beautiful panels with Mother of Pearl shells, subtly embedded in the floors and finished with Liquid Gloss epoxy. This design concept, realized through our craftsmanship, is the embodiment of sophistication and style.

Mother of Pearl Splendor

In every room of Park Hyatt Austria we collaborated with FG Styling and Craft International to provide the floors with Mother of Pearl shells. This natural, with the hand-selected shells bring a unique sense of luxury and exotic beauty to the rooms. The subtle shimmer effect of Mother of Pearl shells gives a feeling of serenity and refinement to the spaces.

Liquid Gloss Epoxy

To protect the shells and accentuate their natural beauty, we applied Liquid Gloss epoxy. This high-quality, transparent finish not only ensures… durability, but also creates a stunning depth effect that makes the shells even more impressive. The result is a floor that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also easy to maintain, perfect for a luxury hotel environment.

Innovative Tabletop

In addition to the floor decoration, we also supplied an innovative table top, made with the same Liquid Gloss technology. This table top is made of transparent Liquid Gloss containing a piece of leather with an elegant pattern. This masterpiece of design and craftsmanship serves as a central focal point in the rooms, allowing guests to enjoy an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort.

Collaboration with FG Styling

Our collaboration with FG Styling has led to the realization of this remarkable vision. FG Styling has created the right feeling with their expertise and creativity and the perfect aesthetics of the spaces, while we focused on the technical implementation and creating the desired atmosphere.

At Park Hyatt Austria we have created an immersive luxury experience that awakens the senses and enchants guests. With Mother of Pearl shells and Liquid Gloss epoxy we created an interior that combines sophistication, beauty and functionality in a way that only Park Hyatt can provide.

This project is an excellent example of our dedication to craftsmanship, creativity and the pursuit of perfection. We are proud to contribute to the unforgettable experience of guests at Park Hyatt Austria. If you would like to know more about this project or our other notable achievements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to turn your vision into extraordinary interior designs.

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