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At Genesis we have had the privilege to be part of the breathtaking Encore project, where gastronomy and interior design come together to create an unforgettable and refined experience to create. In collaboration with interior construction Kroeze, we have contributed to the creation of tables that are not only functional, but also works of art in themselves, with high-quality Liquid Gloss coating and an extensive range of refined finishes, including soft touch.

Encore: A Culinary Masterpiece

Encore is not just a restaurant; it is a culinary masterpiece where taste and style merge seamlessly. The pursuit of perfection in both the kitchen and the interior has led to a place where guests feel pampered from the moment they step in.

Genesis x Kroeze: Innovation in Interior Design

Our collaboration with interior construction Kroeze has resulted in tables that stimulate the senses. Every detail has been designed and executed with extreme precision. The Liquid Gloss coating, Known for its glossy and durable finish, it brings the tables to life and accentuates their beauty.

Soft Touch Sensation

The tables in Encore go further than external beauty. Thanks to the application of soft touch technology, they provide a tactile sensation that welcomes and invites guests to enjoy their culinary journey in stylish comfort.

An Inviting Experience

Encore is all about creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy the high-quality culinary creations. The tables, designed and manufactured by Genesis and Kroeze, are not only functional elements, but also works of art that contribute to the overall experience.

Encore is the embodiment of culinary excellence and aesthetic sophistication. It is an honor for Genesis to have played a role in this project, where we contributed to create tables that fit seamlessly into the unique ambiance of Encore.

If you would like to learn more about our work with Encore, our expertise in Liquid Gloss coating or how we can transform your next project, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to bring your vision to life.

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