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Art with different materials

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We enjoy working with artists, and are always exploring new possibilities to combine our epoxy with different, surprising, materials and objects. Nothing is crazy enough.

Glass / marbles + LED in epoxy
The new work of artist Rob Scholte is the series “Light – your first currency”, where he works with marbles in all sizes. He arranged them 1 by 1 and the Liquid Gloss keeps them together. Together with the LED light in the back it gives a spectacular effect.


Old newspapers in epoxy
Bob van Persie’s work is made from materials that are actually worthless. He colors it and turns it into striking art, which Genesis pours for him with a thick layer of Liquid Gloss.

3D print with epoxy
Janne Kyttanen, 3D print with breakfast plate measuring 200 x 200 x 15 cm

Butterflies in epoxy


Bob van Persie, Rob Scholten, Estida, Janne Kyattanen, etc.

Jonas Leriche - Genesis PD