Liquid Gloss® materials overview


Liquid Gloss has a natural enlarging and brightening effect, making colors and lines stand out even more. Colors and materials, such as photos or canvas, are preserved by our specific way of pouring. For example, your artwork can be attached to a 4 mm thick aluminum Dibond sandwich panel and processed with our coating. Canvas and other surfaces also work well with Liquid Gloss. We offer matte or high-gloss finishes for the resin and can provide a good hanging system if desired.


Liquid Gloss is primarily used on wood, metal, paper and textiles. But actually, the resin can be applied to almost any material, in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Liquid Gloss can make furniture scratch-resistant, beautifully glossy and easy to clean. Tables, bar tops, stools, tiles: you name it.


A high-gloss coating protects the wood and beautifully enhances its character, all while rendering your furniture virtually maintenance free.


A bar with an inlaid rug where you can enjoy a drink without worrying about stains. Wallpaper in the bathroom, or a fabric as a base for a tabletop or tile. With a layer of Liquid Gloss, any print, fabric or other textile can be used as scratch-resistant, waterproof and stain-free furniture.

Different sizes and materials

We don’t just use Liquid Gloss for flat surfaces. We can also give round panels, displays, vases and other shapes a high-gloss coating. We can also pour objects layer by layer.

Liquid Gloss® is a transparent, viscous, two-component resin that we have been using since 1997 as a coating for art, architecture and in the hospitality industry. Due to its composition and the manual moulding and production process, the resin can be used on a wide variety of objects. The high-gloss coating protects the colors of valuable paintings and photographs, stops the aging process of materials and prevents stains and scratches on furniture such as tables and bar tops.