The art of Liquid Gloss®

At Genesis, Liquid Gloss® epoxy and craftsmanship come together to create extraordinary pieces.



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Color Coating

Discover our unique Color Coating. By adding pigment to Liquid Gloss, we can create a unique colored coating for tabletops, tiles, photographs, bar tops and other furniture […]


Who we work for

We are very proud of our clientele. We work with famous photographers, architects, interior designers and visual artists. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio to see who we’ve worked for.



Artists, architects and other creatives like to make use of our very broad knowledge of materials. […]

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Loved by Many

  • "They give so much service. In addition, they do more than just Liquid Gloss. They always think along, when I have a new idea, and I can always test new concepts. Sometimes Genesis is almost a laboratory!"

    Paco Raphael
    Paco Raphael Artist
  • "Liquid Gloss simply gives the most beautiful and luxurious look I have been able to find"

    Daan Oude Elferink
    Daan Oude Elferink Daanoe