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  • Project Capital C te Amsterdam: tables and various plates produced.
  • Piaget: new face of stores worldwide.
  • Upcoming project mirrors with colored epoxy.


  • B&O pilot store in Amsterdam 2018, see website

Intos + OMA

OMA (Rem Koolhaas)

Anne Holtrop

  • Margiela Maison: furnishing fitting rooms worldwide.

Set Company 

  • McGregor: 2 stores in Den Bosch & Den Haag.
  • Tommy Hilfiger: special table tops.


  • Louboutin: facade London.
  • Hermes : facade in collaboration with van Dijkglas.
  • Dior: various wall panels.
  • Nexit headquarters Paris: 100 square meters of wall panels produced.
  • ABX New York: design table tops.

Peter Marino Achtiect

  • Alusion bar and chairs for Dior Seoul.

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  • In collaboration with DK home, floor panels are produced for a hotel in Vienna.

Brandwachter Meijer

  • Floors for Hans Boodt display dolls in Diemen.
  • Vredeburg Utrecht: bar top and walls produced.

Harbour club + Woodfever & Stam bouw

  • Various table tops, bar tops.

Kroeze interieur

  • Encore en Catch Scheveningen.
  • Heineken Experience

John Breed

Joost Heetman

  • Antropolis (Retail chain in the USA): miscellaneous chairs & benches in color.

Established and Sons Ltd.

  • Various tables produced for Jo Nagasaka.

W hotel

  • Amsterdam en Ibiza.


  • Exhibition stand for Vitra in Milan: various pallets covered with epoxy.


At Genesis, Liquid Gloss® epoxy and craftsmanship come together in extraordinary objects

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