Friends of Genesis : Paco Raphael

Posted on Apr 6, 2014

Artist and designer Paco Raphael has been working with Genesis for over four years. He makes impressive photo collages, which he edits with typography, paintbrush and other traditional techniques. This yields him international success! In December 2013, for instance, his work has been shown at Art Basel Miami. Liquid Gloss is essential to him: “It adds a spark to my work.” Paco Raphael talks about what inspires him, his creative working method and the relationship he has built with Genesis.



What inspires you to create your impressive works ?
“My inspiration comes from everything! Fashion, townscapes, sometimes eroticism, or beautiful cars. I go on holiday and I shoot my own images. In New York, or other metropolises for example. I often fall in love with a photo I have taken and I build from that.”

Then you really get going with that photo?
“I do throw the image in a kind of blender yes. I combine it with other pictures, then I make a collage on my computer. I print the whole thing and I subsequently edit that print by hand. With stencils, typography, paintbrush, paint, marker… To apply even more detail. Eventually I cover the work with a Liquid Gloss coating. That is what Genesis does for me.”

How important is this layer of Liquid Gloss?
“Very important. It adds a spark to my work. I work with a lot of color, detail and nuance. Sometimes there are as many as 200 to 300 pictures in one piece of art. Liquid Gloss has the character to clarify an image and make it more intense. A big difference compared with ordinary glass. The resin has an augmenting effect and this intensifies what I want to achieve with my work. What is also very important is that a cloth can become porous or matte over time:  Liquid gloss provides a very good protective layer, which conserves your work better. As an artist, you certainly want your work to look as good in ten years as it does today.”

What do you like about working with Genesis?
“We have a special bond. They give so much service. In addition, they do more than just Liquid Gloss. They always think along, when I have a new idea, and I can always test new concepts. Sometimes Genesis is almost a laboratory!”

Cool! Did this cooperation also lead to your idea for the design tables?
“Well, I had already had the idea for the tables. However, I did not have the technical knowledge to make it work. Genesis has this knowledge, because they work with many different companies. They had the tabletops made for me; I then added my style to these and Genesis finished the tables with Liquid Gloss.”

Do you have a tip for people who want to work with Liquid Gloss?
“Look, of course it comes with a price tag and you have to like it. Nevertheless, just try it! Just test your idea at Genesis. I always ask Eyal if he has any new, cool things to show and these new developments in their turn inspire me in my work.  Through this cooperation, you broaden your horizon as an artist and you see more and more opportunities. Therefore, it is always nice to visit Genesis.”

Want to see more of Paco’s work? Check out his website here.