The past years, GenesisPD already made various portraits of so-called “baptism men- & women” in relation to the watering of ships for ALP Maritime.
Until recently ALP Maritime gave miniatures of these ships in a traditional box at the launch of their new ships.
This was found too old fashioned and a new look had to be found.
The Sales & Marketing Manager and Crew Coordinator asked GenesisPD to develop a more attractive gift that would emphasize the special character of the company and its ships.
On this we designed a new ‘gift’, using original parts, like deck parts. The design was meant to radiate the enormous “power” of the tug ship and it would be great if the design would be depicted in an azure sea…
…See the result here.

  • Alp Maritime 1
  • Alp Maritime 2
  • Alp Maritime 3
  • Alp Maritime 4