Liquid Gloss casting process

Liquid Gloss ® is a transparent, syrupy two-component epoxy resin we have used since 1997 as a coating in art, architecture and the catering industry. Because of its composition and the manual casting and manufacturing process, Liquid Gloss® can be used on a wide variety of objects. The high-gloss coating protects colors of valuable paintings and photographs, stops the aging of materials, and prevents stains and scratches on furniture, such as tables and bar tops.

Liquid Gloss has a natural augmenting and illuminating quality, making colors and lines stand out. The resin is designed in such a way to preserve colors and materials in their intended form. We use a specific and professional method to pour our resin onto a photograph, canvas, or other materials. Subsequently, your artwork is pasted onto a Dibond aluminum sandwich panel (4 mm thick) and covered with our coating. We offer coating in both matt and gloss, and optionally provide a nice hanging system.

Liquid Gloss op kunst panelen

Liquid Gloss is mainly used on wood, metal, paper and textiles. Nevertheless, the resin can be applied to all conceivable materials in varying sizes and shapes. Liquid Gloss makes furniture scratch resistant, beautifully shiny and easy to clean. Tables, bar tops, stools, tiles: you name it.

Houten tafelblad met Liquid Gloss Color Coating

With a high- gloss coating, wood is protected and its character stands out even more. The furniture also needs little to no maintenance.

houten tafelblad met Liquid Gloss

Liquid Gloss halts the corrosion of metal so it keeps it from rusting. The rust spots already present in the material stand out under a high-gloss coating. Oxidized metal with a layer of resin is the base of a stylish piece of furniture.

A bar with an inlaid rug where drinks can be consumed without causing stains. Wallpaper in the bathroom, or fabric as a base for a tabletop or tile. With a layer of Liquid Gloss, each piece of print, fabric or other textile becomes a scratch resistant, waterproof and stain-free piece of furniture.

Custom sizes and materials
We do not only use Liquid Gloss on flat surfaces. We can also give round panels, displays, vases and other forms a high-gloss coating. In addition, we can pour in objects layer by layer.


Technical specifications of Liquid Gloss
Chemical resistance: very high.
Hardness: very high.
Flexibility: very high.
Surface Scratch Resistance: very high.
Gloss: very high.

Yellowing Factor 5: a UV filter has been mixed into the material, which means a minimum color difference due to weather conditions.
Thickness: 1 layer = 1 mm, 2 layers = 1.8 mm.
Anti -graffiti: paint will not stick to the resin, therefore graffiti can be removed easily.

Fire Safety
Liquid Gloss does not enlarge the risk of fires.
– It is sulfate free.
– The melting point is 200 º C.
– The coating is not harmful to the environment .
– Fire Behavior: NEN 3883 DIN 4102 B1.
– Flame spread: Class 2.
– Flashover: intensity class 2.

Because we continue to innovate our casting process and continue testing different materials, the possibilities are endless. We like to spar with our clients to create the best result per item. Feel free to give us a call if you have a question, a creative idea or if you want to discuss the casting of an object.